Video Blog

Welcome to my video blog. I started this video blog as a means of documenting my work with OSIRIS-REx as Mission Sample Scientist and Co-I, but it has turned into much more. I will continue to evolve it. I travel the world and meet so many people and love to learn from them. This page is a video snapshot of my experiences with life in science and space exploration.

Episode 32: Coming to you from the JpGU meeting, Chiba, Tokyo, Japan.

Episode 31: Coming to you from Solar System Symposium in Sapporo (Japan).

Episode 30: Coming to you from my new home at Christmas time, 2016.

Episode 29: My first video blog from Rowan University in the early part of fall 2016 semester.

Episode 28: Coming to you from Cape Canaveral, Florida, just after the launch of OSIRIS-REx. After the spacecraft/rocket moved off the launch pad, I started to cry and could not stop. One of the most joyful days of my life.  OK so I look a little intense in the still above. Click and I get animated!

Episode 27: The launch of OSIRIS-REx from Cape Canaveral, Florida.


Episode 26: Coming to you on 7 September 2018 the day before OSIRIS-REx launched.

Episode 25: Coming to you from Chiba, Tokyo, Japan, 6 June 2016, where I was attending the JpGU meeting, which is the largest of its kind for geosciences in Japan.

Episode 24: Coming to your from the Jean and Ric Edelman Fossil Park at Rowan University. The tour was organized as part of my interview for the position of found Chair and Professor of the new Department of Geology in the new School of Earth & Environment at Rowan University. A position that I was offered and thus joined the faculty of Rowan University. The persons in the backdrop are Eddie Guerre, Professor of Physics and Dean’s Fellow (he’s the guy wearing the suit) and Paul Ullmann, a post-doc in my department.

Episode 23: I am coming to you from Robinson’s Chocolates, my family’s candy business, where I am making chocolate molds. I have been working there for all 39 years of their existence. My grandfather used to have me go to work there to help out. My Uncle, James Robinson, is the master maker (now 80 years old) and my cousin Pattie Robinson, runs the front end of the business and has been visionary in enhancing and expanding the existing business.

Episode 22: Coming to you from outside of Sapporo, Japan, where I attended and was a co-convener of Solar System Symposium in Sapporo (Like us on Facebook), which was the dream conference of Yurimoto-sensei. It was truly amazing meeting and I am looking forward to the next one in February 2017. Cosmochemists and meteoriticists from around the world gathered. The three most heard languages at the meeting: Japanese, English and French!

Episode 21: Coming to you from Sagamihara, Tokyo, Japan in December 2015. I was attending the Hayabusa symposium, which was focused on the science behind the asteroid samples brought back by the Hayabusa space mission, JAXA’s and the world’s first asteroid sample return mission.

Episode 20: Coming to you from Secrets Beach in Hawai’i in July 2015. I went there to celebrate my 50th birthday. It was, however, marked by a disturbing life event when a friend (although not close), originally from O’ahu and living in NYC, had taken his own life. I discuss a little about the grieving process.

Episode 19: Coming to you from Altaden, California, where I was staying (as I always do now) with my dear friend, Barbara Ackermann (she is like an older sister to me). I had just return to the States after living in Sapporo, Japan for 2 months as a special visiting Professor in the Department of Natural History Sciences at Hokkaido University. I stopped to see Barbara for a few days to help re-adjust to life in the States before flying back to NYC. It was a good thing I did.

Episode 18: Coming to you from Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan in May 2015. I spend two glorious months living there. I feel in love with Sapporo and live in Japan.

Episode 17: Coming to you from Hokudai or Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan with friend and colleague Professor Elizabeth Tasker, who at that time was a professor of Astrophysics. We chat about many issues.

Episode 16: Coming to you from Hokudai, Sapporo, Japan, with my good friend and colleague, my main host during my stay at Hokudai, Professor Shogo Tachibana (Tachibana-sensei). We talk about several issues related to our science and my visit.

Episode 15b: Spring has arrived in full blow in Sapporo, Japan. I take you around an areas of Hokudai that I took my afternoon walk everyday, watching life come back to Sapporo after a long winter.

Episode 15a: Coming to you from Hokudai, Sapporo, Japan while walking around the garden area in front of the building where my office was located. I took such a walk everyday.

Episode 14: Coming to you from Hokudai, Sapporo, Japan. I discuss my experiences living in Japan and working as a professor in Japan.

Episode 13: Coming to you from my office in Hokudai (Hokkaido University) and discussing some randoms thoughts about my week to come and the major earthquake in Nepal. I became a regular at a Nepalese restaurant that was located on my walk home. I would go there twice a week and really love their food. The chefs are from Nepal.

Episode 12: My first episode from Hokudai. The importance of a great Japanese man is discussed.

Episode 11a: Coming to you from Tucson, AZ with some thoughts.

Episode 11: Coming to you from Tucson, AZ!

Episode 10: In Tucson, AZ and I discuss issues related to higher education and business.

Special Episode: Professor Roger H. Hewins, my Ph D mentor, accepts the Leonard Medal, the highest award given by the international Meteoritical Society.

Episode 8e: Coming to you from Helsinki, Finland. Where is Totoro?

Episode 8d: Coming to you from the open air market in Helsinki, Finland, where I walk everyone morning and night on my way to and from the conference center. Every morning I would buy a bag of blueberries and eat them all. The ones in Helsinki reminded me of the ones from souther New Jersey, so good!

Episode 8c: Coming to you from the open air market in Helsinki, Finland.

Episode 8b: Coming to you from the open air market in Helsinki, Finland where I mention the ‘new potatoes”.

Episode 8a: Coming to you from Helsinki, Finland, where I am attending the Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors (ACM) meeting in July 2014.

Episode 7: Coming to you from Paris, France. I discuss my students days when I lived in Paris.

Episode 6d: In Tucson, AZ and I am discussing the local geology.

Episode 6c: In Tucson, AZ and this is the third installment of a video session discussing local geology and peoples.

Episode 6b: In Tucson, AZ on a hike and discussing geology.

Episode 6a: The first installment of a video blog of my hike in Tucson, AZ. I visit Tucson often and stay with the Lauretta-Crombie family.

Episode 4: Coming to you from Highlands Ranch, CO, where I was attended an OSIRIS-REx meeting at Lockheed-Martin facility at Littleton, CO.

Episode 3: Coming to you from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa in January 2014. I have worked with collaborators for years in this lab. The vlog is featured within the very lab I have analyzed my meteorite samples.

Episode 2: Coming to you from the Drake Building at the University of Arizona, January 2014.

Episode 1: Coming to you from Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, in my apartment. This is my first video blog.